About us

We believe that the stereotypical and solely problematic image the media provides of this great continent, is wrong, offensive and economically disadvantageous.
However, the idea that we commonly have of Africa is a place that can be simply described with these words: hunger, death, poverty, war and diseases. This vision of Africa prevents us from discovering and being interested in a continent with great history and refined culture, characterised by an extremely lively and interesting art scene and it is a major obstacle to the affirmation of African art and culture around the world. We know very well how important it is for a country to attract investment and interest; but what can you attract when the image that the media and global institutions continue to convey is a place plagued by a sort of infinite divine punishment, where it is impossible to talk about business and talking about art and culture is ridiculous?
But how do you tackle this blindspot on Africa?

Africa has an artistic and cultural tradition of very high value. Contemporary African artists are quoted at extraordinary amounts at the major international auctions and continuously beat their records. The Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) is the second largest after Bollywood and comes before Hollywood for the number of films produced and the third most valuable film industry in the world after generating a total revenue of US$ 10 billion in 2013. But news like this is completely ignored by the public which sees Africa as a big, irretrievable disaster . Obviously no one invests money and has any interest in disasters.

We believe that creating a way to enable African artists to suceed is not only a good opportunity for them, but also a good opportunity for us to learn to see the citizens of African countries as active and supportive of the cultural world.There is an art made by African women and men, boys and girls today.
It is a substantial part of this world and provides an opportunity for the people of Africa to participate in an active and global cultural debate.

Our group aims to stimulate the African community promoting contemporary art. We think that the promotion of this new artistic production is a key element for the growth and modernization of the new generations.

What do you think of the idea at the basis of our website: to promote the development of Africa by contrasting this dangerous and unjust blind-spot about the great vivacity and quality of its art and culture?  If you think you can be useful to contribute to changing this unjust indifference about African culture with your thoughts and testimonies, contact us and we will gladly host your contribution.


Founder and chairman: Salvatore Dimaggio


Art Director: Michela Terzi


«Questo blog non rappresenta una testata giornalistica in quanto viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicità. Non può pertanto considerarsi un prodotto editoriale ai sensi della legge n. 62 del 7.03.2001»

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