The art market this is a big key to export a new vision of Africa

Massimiliano Zane, Wired Italy contributor, Museum management.

What would you like to achieve in your work?

The most important achievement to me is growing in culture. I would like to match together art and culture in order to let them be known by people interested in communication, new technology and contemporary languages. Museums are places of mass communication ahead of its time and today offer fertile grounds for cultivating new relationships with cultural heritage and technology that extend far beyond the walls of the museum by connecting communities, tools and innovative approaches to the narrative of museums can help them develop their cultural resources.

Of the projects that see you involved, which are the ones you care about most?

Usually I work in art business with collectors, auctions, art galleries and cultural institutions in charge of consultant, dealer and advisor; I really appreciate this kind of job, it’s very exciting for me. It’s a charming journey between timeless beauty, power and elegance in art’s world.
In the last period I’m very busy with a big (and secret) project regarding the development in museum’s communication. My focus is to create a new paradigm of digital culture matching social media and cultural heritage.

In what way art market does it contribute to the understanding and promotion of African culture?

Market is market and good art is good art, and now the African Art it’s a new frontier of good art and it is fundamental for promotion of African culture. Now the collectors travel across the Africa’s continent to discover new trends and artists, and the attention of international institutions and museums (such as the Tate) have set up committees for the acquisition of the Contemporary Art of Africa.
The generally European aesthetic concepts are inclined to confine the African Art, wrongly, only like the ethnic and primitive art regards as a unique restricted expression: “African/Tribal” art and culture.
But for the Art Market the Contemporary African Art is not just that: the African Art, crossbred and hybrid, it’s an a interesting mirror, lights up a varied artistic production, the result of a vibrant cultural environment steeped in artistic expressions, be it in music, language, drawings or sculpting, but if it’s true how the market it’s market, and the geographic categorization is purely technical, with
not hierarchical agenda, the art market this is a big key to export a new vision of Africa.

Do you think that the perception that common people have of Africa is
correct or do they need to be made more aware of it?

Today, a new awareness of what it means to “Africa” is required. The general perception of ordinary people about Africa is wrong,
superficial and often driven by interest. Today, the Africa is growing, economically and socially, isn’t only a land to the poverty and civil war, it’s new frontier of energy, technology, culture and art in his all multiple nuances.

Our mission is to promote the development of Africa counteracting the lack of information about the high quality of its art and culture: what do you think about this?

The Africa, born by the multiculturalism of its many nations and histories, is a mysterious surprise to discover and tell. Today, even though international investment in the country are worth millions, much remains to be do to achieve an a real reconciliation with our realistic vision of Africa in Europe and, in generally, in the World. Africart work is a great contribution in order to make more visible the different directives of international perspective and reconciling diversities of this special country. Good job guys!

What inspires and drives you to accomplish your work?

Art is my inspiration, is always a surprise, never mind to be bored.


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